CPU Coolers

Hello welcome back we have decided to fire up this page again because of the new big video cards that are now available. We recommend running full size towers to be able to access and work on your PC as well as motherboards. It is essential that you make the mounting to the motherboard as tight as possible so that the whole unit does not slip. If it does slip your motherboard will not even post, in the event that this may happen please check this first because as some advanced people know if you’re memory is bad for your motherboard is bad it will not post either. If your CPU cooler is not functioning your motherboard will not even post. With all this involved it is hard to diagnose the problems with the motherboard. Posting means that if one of them goes to the splash screen of the bios for your motherboard the motherboard will not even show power with the bad CPU bad memory or a loose CPU cooler. I decided to put this article up because we have recently experienced this. It’s funny now but at the time it was very aggravating. Thanks for coming back and we hope the new reinvigorating pages will help.